Wall of China – Meeting his Youngest

Wall of China – Meeting his Youngest

Sparkles was getting his youngest kid, China, for the weekend and wasn’t comfortable with her knowing we were sleeping together.  He said needed to set an example to his children that sex before marriage was a sin.  I think that’s unrealistic but, ultimately, it’s his choice. I still couldn’t help but retort, “Don’t you take a car for a test drive before you buy it?”  He laughed.  He offered to cancel with her and spend time with me.  I was a bit shocked that he would choose his children over me so early in our relationship but, I was also strangely flattered that you would choose ME over his children so early in our relationship.  I told him no and encouraged him to have a relationship with his kids.  I wonder if that was a test?  He seemed happy and agreed.

He picked her up and I met them at Cheddars for dinner.  I was delighted that he wanted to include me, even after I insisted that it was okay with me for him to spend time alone with his daughter.  He wanted to introduce me and he wanted her to know I was a part of his life and I was going to be there.  I couldn’t believe he wanted me enough to do that so soon.  I was so happy!  I felt so loved!  I felt like I was the most important person in the world to him.  She was super timid at first but I finally got her to warm up a little.  She told me some story about how she was with her friends and pretended to be a turtle and tuck herself into her shell but, when she did it, she hit her head really hard on the table.  I said, “Really?  Show me.”  She giggled and pretended to hit her head like she did in her story.  I teased her and said, “No, REALLY show me.”  She laughed and got a little too enthusiastic and slammed her head entirely too hard into the table.  The thud rang throughout the entire restaurant.  Her father and I both dropped our jaws.  OMG, I’m the biggest jerk.  It not only hurt her head; it hurt her pride.  I apologized profusely and told her it wasn’t my intention to make her give herself a concussion.  She was very sweet about it and said it wasn’t my fault and that she was okay.

After dinner, I asked her if she wanted to ride with me.  She was excited about it.  I let her hook her iPod up to my speakers and we blared whatever weird anime inspired music she had all the way to the house.  Sparkles and I took a break outside for some “fresh air” and I was still apologizing.  He laughed and said it wasn’t my fault and that she was okay.  He seemed to want to be outside with me more than he wanted to go inside with her.  We got a LOT of fresh air before she poked her head outside and said she was going to bed.

I found it strange that she was 12 years old and sharing a bed with her dad.  I mean, I’m not saying anything happened, I just felt she was too old for it and felt it was inappropriate.  I guess I was just raised that once you start your period, you’re too old to sleep with anyone of the opposite sex, including family.  Like I said: it was just weird to me.

This was the first time I’d slept in my room since the first night he and I had slept together.  He waited until she was asleep, went into the bathroom, turned on the fan, then snuck into my room.  He tucked me in and snuggled with me.  He apologized that we couldn’t spend the entire night together but I tried to look at the bright side: at least he was in here with me, now.  I told him he was pretending to be in the bathroom so long, she was going to think something was wrong with his ass if he didn’t go back in there, soon.  He left and returned a short while later; she was asleep.  We fell asleep for a bit and decided it didn’t count as a night apart.

At one point, when he and I were sitting outside, he confessed that his other two kids didn’t want anything to do with him at the moment.  He said their mom “had filled their minds with a bunch of head trash.”  He told me how she was manipulative and weak.  He said she would withhold sex and cried at every little thing.  I asked him why he married her.  He said he was going to break up with her because she was ugly and they weren’t compatible but he found out he knocked her up the day he was going to do it.  He said that the “Catholic method” of birth control was inaccurate.  No kidding??  I was educated on how Catholics would track their cycle to determine when they couldn’t conceive.  “Hmmm… What did you learn?”  We laughed.

I attempted to give Sparkles and China their space over the weekend but, he insisted on me being around and I really wanted to be near him, anyway.  I learned about China.  She was into ANYTHING Asian or anime related, as long as it was very innocent.  She was also very much into cats.  I found it hard to have a conversation with her.  I’ve never really been a fan of anime and I’m allergic to cats.  But, she was VERY sweet and I knew it would be important to have a positive relationship with her so, I tried.

Once the weekend was over, he drove her home.  He called me on the way back and told me how much she liked me and how much fun she had.  Success!  I knew it was a test that I would’ve had to pass.  I decided that he needed to get over this guilt or whatever you want to call it so I could sleep next to him ALL night.  I knew I would just need to prove it to him.  So, I did.

Over the next few days, I took it upon myself to rearrange our living arrangements.  I suppose I was nesting.  We had most of the upstairs.  Our rooms were only separated by the bathroom and there was a loft at the top of the stairs.  The Salesman’s daughter’s room was upstairs, on the other side of the landing.  The room I was suppose to be in was used as a storage room, previously.  I used the things I found to make it like our own little apartment.  I found a little cafe table and chairs I set up outside of our rooms.  I put a little vase with red flowers on it.  My room became China’s room.  I used the closet and sink area, but that was about it.  The room that he’d been staying in became ours.  I reorganized his closet so it was functional and rearranged the bedroom furniture to create our own space.  I set up a space with a couch and little table so it was more like a suite.  I stole a picture of him with his kids off of his phone, printed it, framed it, and put it on the table.  When he saw that I did that and it brought a tear to his eye.  I told him, “Watch out, you’re going to fall in love with me.”  I told him this often.  I knew saying it a lot would make it happen.  I pretended it was jus fun to make him cringe.  He was so incredibly happy that I’d made us a home.  He was impressed and said that no one had ever done anything like this before.  He decided it was okay that China knew we were dating and that it was okay that she knew we shared a bed.  He didn’t want to have to go another full night without me by his side.  He said he knew that this was going to be long term.  I won.

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