The Beginning

The Beginning

I met a guy and he was yummy.  I mean, I shook his hand and thought to myself, “Oh, man.  I’m in trouble.”  I didn’t realize how true those those words would become.  It was an instant connection and it was so strong it had its own gravitational pull.  He was good-looking, sexy, charming… His eyes and his smile just made me melt.  Geez, this sounds like the beginning of a romance novel.  But, it WAS a romance novel.  He was perfect and he wanted ME.

I wasn’t exactly single and neither was he.  We both knew our relationships weren’t going anywhere but we hadn’t ended them.  I didn’t really tell him about my other relationships but I told him “I’m not THAT girl.”  I told him his “girlfriend” deserves better than that.  He told me how it was everything he could do not to kiss me.  I could feel the electricity in the room and we weren’t even touching.

I was working for a client in the home office of the house he lived.  He’d gone through his second divorce and a break-up.  He was “casually dating” this twiggy little girl but it wasn’t casual to her.  She was very much in love with him and I couldn’t blame her for that.  Allegedly, she was on a lot of psyc meds, suicidal  and blah, blah, blah, some issues, I didn’t care, I just wanted him.  And I didn’t want to share.

I was hired to be a cocktail waitress for a small poker game for a little extra money at the same client’s house.  He, lets just call him Sparkles for fun, was there and so was his “girlfriend.”  This was the first time I’d seen her and I’d heard nothing good about her so, I had to really try to act casual around her.  I waited for an opportunity to be totally inappropriate and asked him, “How do you have sex with her and not break her in half?”   I knew when I said it, it made him think about having sex with me.  Hard.  Mission accomplished.  I wanted in his head like he was in mine.

Now, I don’t think Sparkles was playing poker that night but his “girlfriend” was and, considering she didn’t last very long, I’m assuming she wasn’t very good.  But, it was long enough for us to sneak away and chat.  I couldn’t get enough of his attention and the feeling was definitely mutual.  It was a seductive game of poker and I knew he was all in.  I was sitting at a table in the kitchen and he was leaning on the island when Ms. Twiggy walked in.  We had to break eye contact and “act normal” so she wouldn’t be tipped off.  He made us dessert.  I can’t recall if it was pecan pie a-la-mode with chocolate syrup on it… But, it was something I thought was weird at the time and had never had before.  She thought it too weird to try, so I impressed him by agreeing to try something new.  It was amazing.  It made us connect even more.

He walked her out after that and kissed her goodnight.  He wanted to kiss me but, well, I didn’t want it to start like that.  Not with him.  He offered to walk me out, too, but I slipped away when he wasn’t looking. No juggling.  Not him.

I went home to my “roommate.”



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